Ohio Drug Rehab

Ohio Drug Rehab

The Disease of Addiction

Addiction is an incurable disease, it can however be managed under the right circumstances. It is a common mistake that the public interchanges the terms addiction and abuse when referring to individuals in need. The difference is that a person who is abusing a substance does it temporarily, like drinking too much on a night out. A person dependent or addicted to a substance is unable to prevent the behavior or the person cannot stop the use of the substance. The staff of The Rehab Advisor are ready to assist those needing to find an Ohio drug rehab program with the experienced professionals necessary to address this complex medical condition.

The use of drugs creates an overactive dopamine response that results in a positive feedback to the individual, essentially rewarding the behavior. This process is so psychologically effective that individuals will pass over food and sleep to maintain the drug induced sensation.

Brain scans of individuals afflicted with addiction show changes to several areas of the brain including:

  •   Judgment
  •   Decision making
  •   Learning
  •   Memory
  •   Behavior control or impulses

These combined affected areas result in the recognized behaviors of an addictive personality. These are seen as:

  •   Substance tolerance, or substance being taken for extended period at greater doses than intended
  •   Withdrawal symptoms without regular use
  •   Time and effort spent in attempt to obtain substances
  •   Reduced participation or total withdrawal from activities normally performed, this could be social, recreational, or occupational in nature
  •   Continued use of substance despite recognizing the negative effects in life, such as legal difficulties, or physically dangerous situations

Address the situation

Address the SituationWhen seeking an Ohio drug rehab facility, The Rehab Advisor is able to find the right provider to address the situation.

Addiction is a problem for not only the person with the issue, but everyone that has contact with the individual this includes co-workers, friends, and family members. Approximately $500 billion dollars are spent annually in response to drug abuse and addiction, this number includes medical care, legal fees, and lost wages. Individuals who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are responsible for roughly 20% of vehicle accidents and half the major crimes that are committed, which includes violent crimes like murder.

Factors to addiction

Anyone has the potential to develop addictive behavior. There are a number of different factors in combination that have been linked to this complex problem. The genetic make-up of an individual can play a part in this issue, including gender, mental disorder, and race. There is also a strong correlation to the environment a person is raised in as a child or the one currently being lived in, the quality of life and socioeconomic situation influence addictive traits. The development of an individual can greatly be influenced not only by genetics and the environment, but by early use of drugs. Most individuals claim to have a first encounter with drugs between the ages of 12 to 17 and state it was offered by a friend or family member.

Let us help you

When the time is right, and the decision has been made to get help, finding a Ohio drug rehab program is made simple with the assistance of The Rehab Advisor.

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